Herbal Treatment


A herbal prescription consists of a combination of different medicinal plant tinctures. There is a very wide range of herbs from which to choose – each herb has a variety of different actions. Your medicine will be designed specifically for you in the light of information gained from your consultation.

Your prescription is likely to contain six herbs, chosen to treat your immediate symptoms and any underlying cause. The herbal actions, strength and proportions are carefully calculated to provide you with a safe medicine that will help to restore your body’s equilibrium. Only herbs regarded as compatible with pregnancy are used.

An average dose of medicine is taken as 5 mls in a little cold water, three times a day. Women may also be prescribed herbal medicine as drops to be taken first thing every morning.


The consultation is holistic so that recommendations may also be made for diet, lifestyle and food supplements.

You are likely to be seen again a fortnight after your initial appointment, when you can discuss your body’s reaction to the herbs and other changes in your life. Your herbal prescription may be altered accordingly. The next appointment could be three weeks later and then monthly if required.

You can be sure of a sympathetic, interested and confidential consultation.