After coming off the pill almost 10 months ago I still hadn't had a period. Having been to the GP they referred me for a scan which hinted at PCOS.

I went to see Nicky on a recommendation to help get my periods back on track as my husband and I knew we wanted to start a family at some point in the near future so I wanted everything to be functioning "normally" to give us the best chance.

I began seeing Nicky in October and after 6 weeks started noticing some really positive changes in my moods and my body. In January I had a positive pregnancy test and am now 34 weeks pregnant, expecting our first baby in a few short weeks.

I cannot express enough my gratitude to Nicky. The medicine obviously had an impact but being able to talk through any concerns or worries also helped in a huge way. I can't recommend Nicky highly enough, she is fantastic.

I came off the pill and after 8 months, I still wasn’t having periods and was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries. I went to see Nicky and after a month or two of taking herbal medicines, my periods returned reasonably regularly. I was in the process of being referred to the hospital for fertility treatment, when I had a positive ovulation test and 2 weeks later – a positive pregnancy test! I’m now eagerly awaiting my 12 week scan! It’s been fantastic to have been able to conceive without the intervention of drugs!

Nicky I just wanted to take this opportunity to really thank you for all that you have done to help both of us. You have helped me greatly through some really difficult times and I will always be grateful to you for that.

I had been trying to conceive for two years when I first went to see Nicky. Diagnosed with unexplained infertility I had tried many different things in order to help me conceive. Herbalism was about the only avenue I had never been down. Nicky put me at ease straight away and I spent a lovely couple of hours chatting about my medical history. I left a while later with instructions on how and when to take my magic potions along with a list of vitamins to buy!

Just 6 weeks later I conceived and the very first person I emailed was Nicky! I had a very easy pregnancy and I gave birth just before Christmas to a beautiful 6lb 14oz boy. Just the perfect Christmas present!

I couldn't get pregnant due to 'unexplained infertility', so we decided to use IVF. I was 37. The first go was initially successful, one embryo having made it to blastocyst, but I miscarried because the foetus never developed. I wanted to have another go as soon as possible and, meanwhile, a mid-wife friend had recommended Nicky, having been impressed by her reputation for helping people to conceive.

The experience of meeting and talking to Nicky was already a therapy in itself, as she is such a good listener and exudes warmth and calm. The idyllic little hut in her garden also helps you to feel away from everything.

About 2 months after I started the herbs, I had another go at IVF and my results were noticeably better... There were more blastocysts to choose from so I put the best one back in and froze three others. I now have a very healthy 14-month-old. Whether this was coincidence or not is almost irrelevant when deciding whether to take the herbs again as we try for our second child. I'm approaching 40 now so I need all the help I can get and I'd be crazy not to do what worked last time!

My husband and I had been trying for a baby for over a year and a half before we decided to try herbal medicine....the improvement in my health was so dramatic that it made me feel happier and more positive. It also encouraged my husband to seek treatment with Nicky.

...the doctor told me that I had been diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis and that the chances of conceiving naturally were almost nil...and referred us for IVF...Nicky advised us to continue taking the herbs as she believed we could still conceive naturally. A month later on the day we were due to have our first round of IVF tests, I found out that I was pregnant.

I am now nearly four months pregnant and there are still no words to describe how happy we are. I still sometimes wonder whether it's really true. We cannot recommend herbal medicine enough to couples in our position. Our little miracle is thanks to Nicky who not only prescribed us herbal treatments but also gave us a huge amount of emotional support.

I wanted to let you know about the new baby, as I still really appreciate my visit to you after our daughter's birth. I also meant to say that it was wonderful that you seemed so positive about my ability to get pregnant again that time. It was really what I needed to hear. I know some people are probably worried about getting people's hopes up, but I think hope is pretty important.

I had been trying to conceive a second child for nearly a year but had been unsuccessful. I had noticed that since the birth of my first child, my ovulation had moved very close to the end of my period. I had tried acupuncture and homeopathy to even out my cycle, but this had not made any difference. After seeing Nicky and taking herbs for just a few weeks, my ovulation shifted and I found myself pregnant! Thank you Nicky.